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The Museum of mining in the city of Berezovsky

During the tour with a visit to mine training is acquaintance of tourists with the history of gold mining in the city of Berezovsky since gold fields to the present day, as well as with the professional activities of miners and rescuers.

During the excursion tourists will visit the real base of the rescuers, where they learn all about the features of gold mining, own hands to touch the minerals and rocks, will see a real placer mining tool with the remnants of real gold, and the most dedicated hearers will get the opportunity to touch the Chelyabinsk meteorite, heard around the world in 2013. After that our guests will be immersed in a training mine, where will feel the brunt of the work of rescuers, as well as learn a lot of legends about gold mining, high-speed ride on the trolley, and find out how easy it is at home to get a kilogram of gold. Well, in the end, a visit to the souvenir shop, filled with the choicest works of the Urals stone cutters and other craftsmen.



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LLC "Berezovsky mine"

Berezovsky - the forerunner of prospecting, it represents the history of a mountain of gold. The pedigree of the former factory village origin dates back to distant XVIII century when ruthsatz Erofey Markov found the first gold ore. And this is truly a great historical event meant much for the development of Russian civilization, gave impetus to the active search of the precious metal throughout Russia.

30 Jan 1757 Berezovskiy factory (the first gold mining company in Russia) has shipped its first gold ingot in Saint Petersburg. Thus began the Golden era of Berezovsky.

With the discovery of placer gold in 1814, the plant began to develop actively.

LLC "Berezovsky mine" has a very strong raw material base. Security enterprise proven ore reserves for several decades (over 50 years).



Management of Sverdlovsk Railways in Yekaterinburg

Sverdlovsk railway is a powerful transport complex with large technical and intellectual potential. The highway connects the European and Asian parts of Russia, from West to East stretches for a thousand miles and heading North crosses the Arctic circle.

As the backbone of the transport system of Perm territory, Sverdlovsk, Tyumen regions, Khanty-Mansi and Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous districts, Sverdlovsk Railways on key indicators among the top three Russian lines and has a service area with an area of 1.8 million square kilometers with a population of over 10 million people.


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LCC"Ural locomotives"

The company LCC "Ural locomotives" created on 1 July 2010 by Sinara Group and a major international concern Siemens AG for partnership in the field of electric locomotive engineering. The main activities of LCC «Ural locomotives» are the design, manufacture, sale and maintenance of locomotives and TGV. The plant "Ural locomotives" carries out a full cycle of works from design to production and sales of locomotives and TGV.



LLC "Sima-Land"

"Sima-Land"is one of the largest in Russia wholesale Internet-shop of consumer goods. The company was founded in 2000 and in that time has specialized in supplying souvenir from China, further range of products and suppliers has expanded considerably: now manufacturers from 50 countries (Russia, Italy, Poland, Brazil, China, India, Vietnam, USA). At the moment "Sima-Land" is more than 5 000 employees and more than 98,000 square meters of warehouse space, offices in Yekaterinburg, Moscow, China and Italy. The website "Sima-Land" is visited by about 250 000 buyers daily.



 Airport "Koltsovo"

International airport Koltsovo – the largest regional air port of Russia. More than 40 Russian and foreign partner airlines connect Ekaterinburg with more than 100 cities around the world.

In the summer of 2018 Koltsovo will become "the gate of Ekaterinburg" for tens of thousands of football fans from around the world – Yekaterinburg was chosen as one of the cities where will games of the World Cup in 2018.



The interregional repository of the Central repository of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation in Ekaterinburg

The largest cash vault of the Central Bank – Ekaterinburg Interregional repository of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. At its base is the Museum of the history of turnover turnover of money in the Urals, where you can get acquainted with the process of the turnover of money in the country, as well as how to distinguish the original from the fake. The Museum has three halls. It has everything to do with finances: from the working office of the Bank teller to the old currency. For example, the largest banknote (500 rubles) is the banknote with the image of Peter I the beginning of the ХХ century. It is several times more familiar to us money.

Another unique feature is the huge trunk storage from Irbit Treasury measuring 2 by 4 meters and weighing up to 300 pounds. It was used from 1837 to 1961, and to get out the money to the treasurers had to climb inside the trunk.



Beloyarsk NPP

The Beloyarsk nuclear power plant them. I. V. Kurchatova (BNPP) — Russian nuclear power plant located in the town of Zarechny, in the Sverdlovsk region, the second commercial nuclear power station in the country (after Siberia), Russia's only nuclear plant with different types of reactors on one site.

It has the world's largest existing power unit with fast neutron reactor. The oldest among now existing nuclear power plants.



The Sverdlovsk regional union of industrialists and entrepreneurs

The Sverdlovsk regional Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs was founded in 1991 and is the regional non-commercial Association of employers — physical persons and legal entities as well as associations of Industrialists, entrepreneurs and commercial organizations. Objectives of The Sverdlovsk regional union of industrialists and entrepreneurs are the consolidation of efforts and coordination of activities aimed at the implementation of socially oriented economic policies, the promotion of industrial, scientific and technological development and honest business. Support of business activity, high social and legal status, prestige, business leaders, entrepreneurs in all sectors of the economy.



Ural chamber of Commerce

Ural chamber of Commerce represents the interests of small, medium and large businesses to integrate into the world economic system, formation of modern industrial, financial and trade infrastructure, creation of favorable conditions for entrepreneurial activities, the settlement of the relations of employers with the social partners, in the development of all types of trade-economic and scientific-technical relations of entrepreneurs of the Russian Federation with the business circles of foreign countries.

Ural chamber of Commerce promotes the economic potential of the Sverdlovsk region, to attract investment, is involved in the modernization of the economy of the Middle Urals, developing foreign economic relations, is involved in integrating regional businesses into the international division of labor.



PJSC "Sberbank of Russia"

PJSC "Sberbank of Russia" – the largest Russian universal Bank. It is the oldest financial institution, leading its history since 1841. In 1991 the Bank was transformed into joint-stock commercial Bank and became the property of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, which still owns a controlling stake of 57.6%. Other shareholders of Bank are more than 263 thousand individuals and legal entities. Presently, the "Sberbank of Russia" takes the leading positions in all key segments of the Russian banking market. It accounts for over half of private deposits and about one third of loans in the country. The Bank's assets account for 27% of the entire banking system of Russia. The Bank has wide branch network, which included 18 territorial banks and more than 20 thousand units. Ural division of «Sberbank» has the largest branch system in the country, which includes 58 offices and more than 2 million ATMs.



LLC «Ural mining and metallurgical company»

Russian mining and metallurgical holding, the largest producer of copper, zinc, coal, and precious metals in the country.

In addition, the enterprise of Ural mining and metallurgical company produces lead, selenium, tellurium, copper and Nickel sulphate, other by-products.

The company is based on a closed process chain of copper, from extraction of raw materials to production of finished products based on it (copper rod, car, wire and cable products, heat exchangers).

Part of this company includes more than 40 enterprises in Russia and abroad. The headquarters of company is located in the town of Verkhnyaya Pyshma (Sverdlovsk oblast).



JSC “Uralkhimmash”

JSC “Uralkhimmash” is one of the leading Russian manufacturers of equipment for gas processing, oil, chemical, petrochemical and other industries.

Since 2008 “Uralkhimmash” is a group United heavy machinery plants.



Technopark of high technologies of Sverdlovsk region "University"

Technopark "University" is a modern building with an area of 28 thousand square meters, allowing to comfortably accommodate several dozen resident companies providing a full range of services — from investment, legal and marketing to technical support allows entrepreneurs and scientists working in areas such as ICT, engineering, electronics, energy efficiency and energy saving, new materials and nanotechnology, education and experimental production, to confidently create and promote innovative products.

The mission of Technopark "University" — the development of scientific-technical, innovative and industrial potential of the Urals Federal district to ensure economic growth and solve social problems of the region.

The main objectives of Technopark "University» is the creation of newhigh-tech jobs and conditions for increasing competitiveness and investment attractiveness of the region.