Students from Germany are coming to visit us


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The main activity of DAAD is to support international academic exchanges of researchers and students.

Thanks to the excellent interaction between DAAD and the summer school organizing committee guided by the USUE rector Yakov Silin, the German Academic Exchange Service will support the participation of 12 foreign students in the summer school.

It is worth noting that such international schools operate in 22 cities of Russia, including Moscow and St. Petersburg.The students chose Yekaterinburg and Ural State University of Economics: this is a great success for our University! The international summer school will be organized at USUE for the first time.

It is also heartening to see the broad geography of foreign students.

List of participants of the „EurasiaEurasia SummerSummer School”School -2018
15 сентября 20182 - 15 September 2018

Full name


1. JennyLee

Humbold University of Berlin

2. Martin Templin

University of Applied Science Brandenburg

3. Philipp Scharfe

TU Dresden

4. Martin Singer

University of Applied Science Brandenburg

6. Diana Gering

RWTH Aachen

7. Daniel Nestler

TU Dresden

8. Kristina Nikolaus

TU Brandenburg

9. Ferdinand Schreiber

Hochschule Albstadt-Sigmaringen

10. Tobias Hein

Hochschule Stralsund

11. Jakob Brehler

Hochschule Stralsund

12. Sergey Zhuravlev

Hochschule Stralsund

13. Maximilian Köhler

Hochschule Stralsund

14. Prof. Dr. Borislav Bjelicic

University of Mannheim

15. Dr. Bhupendra Kumar

DTU Ethiopia

16. Mikhail Martynovich

University Lund Sweden

17. Ksenia Ostanina


18. Anastasia Goncharova

Russian-British Institute of Management, Chelyabinsk

19. Vsevolod Maukin


20. Maximilian Kaufmann

Hochschule Stralsund

Along with students, some foreign professors will be direct participants of the School, namelyMikhail Martynovich, Dr. BhupendraKumar, and Prof. Dr. Borislav Bjelicic.

Besides, within the framework of the School, it is planned to arrange meetings with foreign specialists working at Yekaterinburg and Sverdlovsk region enterprises.

The goal of the School is to create an idea of ​​the socio-economic situation of the Middle Urals (which is both a natural industrial bridge of cooperation and a point of restraint of Russian, European and Asian interests) for students interested in economic development of regions, industrial policy, and history of industrial development of territories.

Within two weeks of the EurasiaEconomicSchool,foreign students will learn about the peculiarities of doing business in the Urals, the development of trade and industrial and intercultural ties between the Sverdlovsk region and German regions.To become acquainted with industrial policy and history of industrial development of the Sverdlovsk region, foreign students will visit industrial enterprises and take part in discussions and roundtables on important economic issues.They will also have an extensive social program.

Foreign students will attend lectures at the Center for Tourism Development in the Sverdlovsk region, will see the artifacts ofNevyansk State Historical and Architectural Museum, will go on excursions to Verkniye and Nizhniye Tavolgi (to see pottery workshops), and to the border of Europe and Asia.

At the USUE School of Service and Hospitality, they will be shown gastronomic traditions of the Urals and will participate in the master class on cooking dishes of the Ural cuisine.

The program also includes visits to Ural Locomotives, Sima-Land, the customs office of Koltsovo Airport, Yeltsin Center, children's railway in the Mayakovsky public park, and many other interesting events, including the UMMC museum complex in Verkhnyaya Pyshma.