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Ruslan Dolzhenko, chair of the USUEDepartment of Labor Economics and HR Management, spoke about key trends in the development of labor relations and personnel management in the world, in Russia, and in the Sverdlovsk region.He singled out the following trends:digitalization, changing demographics, and industrial revolution 4.0 and examined how these trends would affect the labor relations in the future.

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The chair of the USUEDepartment International BusinessVictor Kovalevtold the students about the development of the Eurasian economic space."The tasks of strengthening the transit potential of the Eurasian space are becoming increasingly urgent.This should be provided by the collaborative effort of Russia with Kazakhstan," Victor Kovalev noted.At the lecture, the students learned how international trade between China and the European Union was developing, namely the routes for goods delivery from China to Europe through Russia and Kazakhstan.

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